In the past years, Arctic Star has been concentrating its resources and manpower especially in new developments of new products to fulfill the human needs. Arctic Star health products are one of our new developments. Arctic Star´s goal is that to make pure original ecological non-polluted health products. Arctic Star´s health products are mainly made by using pure original ecological non-polluted raw materials from the Atlantic sea. Arctic Star´s logo uses “deep ocean blue” as the main colour, which represents the meaning of ocean, purity, nature and breadth, and also contains the Arctic Star brand concept of “purity, original ecology, pure nature, green, environmental protection and uniqueness”. The blue hemisphere of the Arctic Star´s logo contains the company’s global business philosophy. The white Big Dipper of the Arctic Star´s logo contains the supreme and unique feature, which is in line with the noble lineage of the legendary 66 degrees north latitude of Iceland and sea treasures. It also reflects the noble, respectful, natural and environmental protection brand image of the Arctic Star.