“My friend introduced me the Sea Cucumber Capsules from Arctic Star, since I had pain with my knees for a long time and I almost can´t move, I decided to give it a try. Two to three weeks later, I felt a great difference. Now I have been taking the sea cucumber capsules for over two years and all my trips I go without discomfort. It is a complete breakthrough from my past. Now I can do things like go for long walks, which I could hardly do before. At least I didn't do it with a smile on my face and it took me a long time to recover from stress, ” Magnus explains. Magnus is 67 year old now, had been told by a doctor that there was a lot of wear and tear on his knees and there was no expectation that it would return. "He told me to check out my birthday and that I couldn't expect to go back in time. I felt sorry to hear this and so I was ready to try out some things that might possibly fix this. The Arctic Star Sea Cucumber Capsules work very well on me and I recommend that people try them. "
With joint pain
Thorunn Maggy has had osteoarthritis for several years. Now she thinks she has found a solution to her problem. "I've been in pain for a long time in most of the joints, and my wrists and knees were in bad shape too. I have taken many kinds of drugs and medicines over the years, many of them were fine but none of them made a hundred percent benefit. When I saw the advertisement about the Arctic Star Sea Cucumber Capsules, I grabbed it immediately. I have a very good insight and knew it when I saw it that this was the right thing for me, ”explains Thorunn Maggy. A few days before she first saw the ad from Arctic Star, she was walking and then something had happened to her knees. She was in so much pain and could not bend or straighten her knees. Thorunn says she has been looking for something that might help her for a while. "After I heard about the Sea Cucumber Capsules, I went out with my the stumps to look for them. There weren't in all pharmacy stores, so I just went straight to the company, talked to Jens and said to him that I wanted to try the Sea Cucumber Capsules immediately. The result was that after taking the capsules for five to ten days, I was fine in my knee and there was no problem bending and straightening it. All the joint pain was also gone, so I'm hundred percent sure this is the right one for me. "
Got health again
Before Sandra and her family began to produce and market the Sea Cucumber Capsules, they experimented with themselves and their friends. "We took the sea Cucumber capsules for about two years before we started producing them. For me, the Sea Cucumber Capsules worked extremely well and, among other things, my immune system became stronger. When I was younger, I always got the flu several times a year. In the last few years I have hardly gotten sick. When the flu is out all over the world, at most I may get a little headache for one day, but no more. So I feel a lot of difference. ” We started the production of the Sea Cucumber capsules for about five years ago. They who had used our Sea Cucumber Capsules usually had a good story to tell. "Most people who have tried our Sea Cucumber Capsules come to the same conclusion as us that the Sea Cucumber Capsules are good for the joints and stiffness, reduce joint pain, lower cholesterol, enhance immune system, and increase blood flow. The effect may be different in peoples, as we said before, we spent a long time in research and tested how the Sea Cucumber Capsules worked for different people and different benefits they had. We started to produce and market the Sea Cucumber Capsules in summer 2015 and our products were well received ”says Sandra, adding that they have received a large number of calls from satisfied consumers. "They were letting us know how the sea cucumber capsules have worked for them and we are very happy to hear from them."
Sea Cucumber in Capsules
“I've had pain on my back and taken painkiller medicine because of it. Two weeks ago I started to take Arctic Star Sea cucumber capsules, 2pc in the morning and 2pc in the evening, now I don´t feel any pain on my back, and I have stopped taking medicine. ” Said Sigurður Eggert on the phone when he called us and let us know that the Arctic Star sea cucumber capsules work particularly well on him. We are very happy to hear from those who use the Arctic Star Sea cucumber capsules.
Sigurður Eggert
With pain on the back
“I have been taking Arctic Star Sea cucumber capsules for two years and with good results. I think it has helped me a lot. ” said Hólmfríður Sædal in the e-mail when she wrote to us.
Hólmfríður Sædal
Helped a lot